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Launched in 2008, Green Power Academy address the shortfall in basic market information for organisations and individuals involved in the renewable energy industry. Having trained over 3,000 professionals across the global renewable energy space, our online training courses educate the worldwide business community and facilitate the rapid adoption of renewable energy.



Decarbonising Shipping

Online Training Course

9 - 11 December 2020


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Benefits of online training...

Delegates can ask the trainer questions, access important documents and network with other attendees on the course - It is quite literally an interactive classroom!

All course materials and slides used will be shared throughout the course and sent to you after each session

All sessions are recorded and sent out to any registered delegates after they have been delivered

Our online courses are broken into three or four sessions, each lasting approximately three hours


“We found the trainer to be very knowledgeable with a very effective teaching style. The course was well tailored to our interests and capabilities.”

Director, BD, LS Energia, Inc

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In-house & Digital Training Opportunities

As well as delivering public courses throughout the year, Green Power Academy can work with you to deliver customised in-house training at your office or a training facility near you. We also specialise in delivering online training courses, meaning you and your staff and learn from the comfort of your home.

If you are like us, you will understand the value and importance of training to make sure you are keeping up with the best in the industry and being competitive in the fast-paced renewable energy market. Each in-house course is tailored to your exact needs to ensure every staff member can benefit from the training. If you have 5+ members of staff that you believe can benefit from one of our many courses, you will find that it is more cost-effective and practical to let us come to you.​ In-house training courses include:

Electric Vehicles and the Power System
C alculate the impact of EVs on electricity supply, identify the key barriers to widespread EV integration and gain a full understanding of trends, scenarios and policy influences.
Electricity Storage Markets
T his training course provides a comprehensive introduction to the market and competitive dynamics of grid-connected electricity storage, by a variety of means and at a range of scales.
Mastering Renewable & Corporate PPAs
U nderstand the components of PPAs, their context of the wider contractual framework and insurance package and look into the development of key negotiation skills.
The Renewable Energy Mini MBA
D evelop a complete market analysis on the renewable energy industry, covering renewable energy technology, planning, policy and profitability.
Renewable Energy Financing & Modelling
T his course on renewable energy modelling and financing presents the tools to analyse and structure renewable energy projects and to incorporate inherent risks required to navigate any renewable energy project.
Solar Project Finance
A strategic framework to understand the business models and peculiarities of solar energy projects and to deliver a structure on how to develop a financial model that allows in-depth quantitative assessment of key measures and risks.
Renewable Energy Cash Flow Modelling
P roviding commercial leaders and finance experts with the knowledge to develop a sound and integrated cash flow model used to evaluate renewable energy projects.
Financial Structuring for Renewable Energy
C overing the most effective financial strategies and latest market insight for immediate value and practical application in the renewable energy sector.
Tendering for Renewable Energy Projects
P roviding a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the drivers of competitiveness for renewable power projects, where delegates are asked to pitch for a renewable energy tender and present a respective project analysis.
Solar Financing in Emerging Markets
O ur Solar Finance in Emerging Markets course will present the tools you need to analyse, optimize and structure solar energy projects of all sizes, both on and off-grid. Solar systems come in all sizes, from small roof-top installations to utility-scale power plants.
Clean Energy Opportunities & Risk Analysis
L earn how to take a structured and systematic approach to your business and investment planning, by examining both current market conditions and the questions of resilience and risk in the face of future change.
Understanding Grids, Smart Grids & Microgrids
A clear introduction to the technologies, operational issues and economic determinants in evolving and emerging grid infrastructure; with particular focus on the role of integrating renewable power generation.