This course is intended as a time-efficient finance primer for those from a non-financial background, enabling them to ‘read’ financial models & analyses presented to them, and to understand the variables most influencing renewable power project investment decisions.

You will leave with a clear explanation of the common elements of a financial model and the key terminology (plus a provided Excel model with which to revise and cement your learning). You want to understand the key financial variables, without being swamped by detailed terminology and complexity. You want to appreciate how financial analysis and investment considerations connect to project development processes and decision-making. 



  • Learn to speak the language of finance, to better interact with investors and business case developers
  • Understand how to ‘read’ a financial analysis sheet, without being swamped by the minutiae and detail
  • Take away an Excel cash flow sheet which you can use to revise and solidify your learning
  • Learn how project risks feed through to financing costs and energy price competitiveness
  • Analyse which internal project variables and external market factors are most important to financial outcomes
  • Explore the financial considerations of trends such as multiple revenue streams and energy storage
  • Understand the relevance of metrics such as ‘LCOE’, ‘WACC’ & ‘DSCR’ in business planning 




All sessions will begin at 14:00 CET. Each session will last 3 hours, including dedicated Q&A time with the trainer and short breaks throughout. All sessions will begin at 14:00 CET. You will receive the recordings from each session so you can re-watch them at any time. Once you've booked your place, you will be emailed all the login information required. 


Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Building the business case Understanding risk, financing costs and return targets Investigating additional details, trends, and metrics


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Session 1:Building the business case
14:00 - 17:00

This first session overviews the fundamental financial variables within a renewable power project and shows how they map to a cashflow analysis (including one which is provided, in Excel format). How should you ‘read’ a financial analysis, from revenue to returns? What are the main differences to be considered for different power project types? Which factors influence the balance towards project viability? How much detail is required?

  • Fundamentals of the business case: the key cost and revenue variables
  • Introducing and understanding the cashflow sheet
  • The ‘cashflow waterfall’
  • Defining some commonly used terminology (IRR, NPV, EBITDA, DSCR etc.)
  • Strengths and limitations of a simple model
  • Key timeframes, including revenue certainty, debt tenor and project lifetime
  • Contrasting cost structures between different renewable power project types
  • The project lifecycle and financial risk
  • Policy mechanisms and their financial influence

Meet the trainer...

Dr John Massey is Managing Director of Grey Cells Energy Ltd., where he conducts independent market assessment and opportunity/risk analysis for clean energy technologies. He delivers market briefings, oneto- one coaching and training courses worldwide, both online and in-person, along with strategy and business plan consulting to help companies (particularly SMEs) position themselves to best grasp new low-carbon market opportunities.


In addition to delivering training globally under his “Grey Cells Energy” brand, John is a co-founder of Astute New Energy, helping firms to navigate the changing power sector through business, strategy and stakeholder communication advisory work.

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