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The global power markets are rapidly evolving and transitioning towards ever-increasing quantities of clean energy - power purchase agreements allow both IPP power producers and buyers to obtain long-term security to sell and buy renewable energy. 

This highly specific course aims to introduce the legal, financial and technical structure and hidden pitfalls of PPAs as a means for Sellers and Buyers to minimise their exposure to volatility of price and volume. The structure of physical and financial PPAs will be thoroughly dissected and put into context of the overall risk assessment of the project transaction. We will compare both types of PPAs, their different tariff structure based on either costs or market price and the implication for the seller and buyer.



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 Leave this course with a comprehensive understanding of the components of PPAs

 A step-by-step guide of the basic types and key features of corporate PPAs

 Put PPAs in the context of the wider contractual framework

 Learn the best financial practice when working with PPAs

Put everything you learn into practice the very next day

Analysis case studies and best practice




Each session will commence online at 14:00 CET and will last 3 hours. Within the session, there will be opportunities to ask questions and speak with other attendees.

Sessions will take place as follows: 

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
- The Corporate PPA in context
- Basic types and key features of Corporate PPAs
- Overall structure of a PPA
- PPA Timing and Milestones
- Pre-Commercial Operation Date Period
- Post-Commercial Operation Date Period
- PPA Tariff Structures
- Specific considerations for corporate PPAs
- Events beyond Business-As-Usual










Session 1
14:00 - 17:00

The corporate PPA in context

  • Scale of the corporate PPA market compared to general market size
  • Who is buying who is selling what?
  • Drivers of corporate PPAs
  • Wholesale prices and Interconnection capacity as a mega driver

Basic types and key features of corporate PPAs

  • Existing assets versus newly developed assets
  • Sleeved and synthetic PPAs
  • Contract for difference
  • Bundled, certificates only or electricity only PPA
  • Behind the meter or ‘on-site’ PPAs
  • Fully contracted asset versus partly merchant asset
  • Pooling different load profiles as a buyer group
  • Multiple Corporate PPAs and first right of power

Overall structure of a PPA

  • Definition of commercial terms
  • Risk to bankability
  • Obligations and Undertakings of each party
  • Conditions Precedents to be on the safe side
  • PPA Definitions and Annexes




Christian is an independent financial advisor with some 18 years’ experience in the power & renewable sector. He started out his career in a leading North European Strategy Consultancy, where he made substantial contributions to build the energy practice within the firm. He developed and implemented innovative distributions concepts for utility clients to face the competitive challenges of the newly liberalized German electricity market. In 2002, anticipating the tectonic shifts to arrive in the energy sector by renewables, Christian decided to set-up his own advisory boutique to serve exclusively the renewable energy sector.

In the following years, Christian, supported world leading Utilities, IPPs and Private Equity Investors, such as Iberdrola, AES, RWE, OMV, Englefield Capital and Hudson Clean Energy Partners to thoroughly assess international market opportunities and successfully assemble project portfolios across mature and emerging European renewable markets.