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Our online courses are interactive and hands-on - it’s not just a lecture where the trainer speaks for the whole session, delegates can ask questions, access important documents and network with other attendees on the course. It is quite literally an interactive classroom – but you save money on travel and taking time out of the office!

This online course is broken down into three sessions, each lasting approximately three hours.  All course materials and slides used will be shared throughout the course and sent to you after each session. We will dedicate specific areas of the course to Q&A so you can speak with the trainer and the other delegates. 

Although we recommend you attend each session to get the full benefit, we understand that your own schedule may prohibit you to do so. All sessions are therefore recorded and sent out to any registered delegates after they have been delivered.

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Each session will commence online at 14:00 CET and will last 3 hours. Within the session, there will be opportunities to ask questions and speak with other attendees.

Sessions will take place as follows: 

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Assessing the hydrogen supply chain building blocks Assessing the market environment Assessing sector-specific opportunities











Session 1
14:00 - 17:00

Assessing the Hydrogen Supply Chain Building Blocks

• Current and ‘Blue’ hydrogen production
• ‘Green’ hydrogen and other pathways
• Hydrogen as a fuel: properties and challenges
• Hydrogen distribution & trading

Meet the trainer...

Dr John Massey is Managing Director of Grey Cells Energy Ltd., where he conducts independent market assessment and opportunity/risk analysis for clean energy technologies. He delivers market briefings, oneto- one coaching and training courses worldwide, both online and in-person, along with strategy and business plan consulting to help companies (particularly SMEs) position themselves to best grasp new low-carbon market opportunities.


In addition to delivering training globally under his “Grey Cells Energy” brand, John is a co-founder of Astute New Energy, helping firms to navigate the changing power sector through business, strategy and stakeholder communication advisory work.