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Green hydrogen refers to the production of hydrogen through electrolysis, powered by electricity generated from renewable sources. Identified within the EU’s ambitious hydrogen strategy as the preferred long-term solution to low-carbon hydrogen production, it is also at the core of ambitious plans in regions as diverse as Australia, the Middle East and South America.

Over three information-packed sessions, this online course will provide attendees with a solid grounding in the key technology, economic and market-focused issues surrounding electrolysis. Technological principles will be presented in language specifically of value to business-focused people. The economics of green hydrogen will be illustrated using quantitative calculations and models. The market opportunities and differing approaches and challenges to delivering green hydrogen projects will be discussed with reference to current and upcoming project examples from around the world.

Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of the opportunities and risks around green hydrogen market growth, the potential limits and barriers to this growth and the current and future trends that will determine it. So, if you are thinking of investing in or developing a green hydrogen business case, this course provides your essential grounding in the core issues.



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 Understand and quantify the impact of key variables on the economics of green hydrogen

 Speak the language of green hydrogen: the key terminology and concepts explained

 Be better able to converse with future project partners, suppliers or investors

 Learn how to analyse and critique green hydrogen business models

 Review current and upcoming green hydrogen project examples

 Identify key investment, policy and project performance risks



Each session will be 3 hours, including Q&A time and a 15-minute comfort break. 

Sessions will take place as follows: 

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Green Hydrogen Production and Economics A Review of Current and Upcoming Project Examples Business Case, Project and Investment Planning









Session 1
14:00 - 17:00

Green Hydrogen Production

Electrolysis: a technology primer

  • Inputs, outputs and key performance metrics
  • Comparing and contrasting competing electrolysis solutions
  • The current status and future trends of electrolyser technologies
  • Current product examples (what’s within real specification data sheets)
  • Reviewing key market players and prospective value chains


The economics of green hydrogen production

  • Reviewing and understanding the wide range of electrolysis cost data
  • Balance of system, operational and other cost contributions
  • Calculating the cost of hydrogen production (a levelized cost approach)
  • Sensitivity analysis: which variables are most important for green hydrogen costs?
  • Forecast future cost reductions – and how they can be achieved.

Meet the trainer...

Dr John Massey is Managing Director of Grey Cells Energy Ltd., where he conducts independent market assessment and opportunity/risk analysis for clean energy technologies. He delivers market briefings, oneto- one coaching and training courses worldwide, both online and in-person, along with strategy and business plan consulting to help companies (particularly SMEs) position themselves to best grasp new low-carbon market opportunities.


In addition to delivering training globally under his “Grey Cells Energy” brand, John is a co-founder of Astute New Energy, helping firms to navigate the changing power sector through business, strategy and stakeholder communication advisory work.