As the awareness and appetite for the fight against climate change gathers pace, the global capital markets are set to rapidly scale up sustainable finance in 2021. Some analysts are expecting the market to almost double in size with green bond issuance growing beyond USD$500bn (approximately USD$290bn was issued in 2020).

The first day of this course will offer a broad introduction to the topic and a thorough overview of sustainable finance including Green Bonds.  Then on the second and third day we will deep-dive into the practical side and analysis how to actually raise green capital. 



Growing Supply

Green bonds are becoming increasingly popular for companies to fund operations that are more environmentally friendly. The EU are due to launch €225bn worth of green bonds as part of the €750bn COVID-19 recovery plan and it is expected that the incoming Biden administration, who are due to return the US to the Paris Climate Accord, will further strengthen the issuance of green bonds in the US across Federal, State and municipality levels. In addition Biden has selected Brian Deese, head of sustainable investing at BlackRock, to lead the National Economic Council, and also created a position on the National Security Council for a climate tsar.

Booming Demand and a “Greenium”?

Certainly the pressure and fear of climate change is rising, accelerated by the unsettling impact of COVID, that has laid bare of the fragility of global economies to “unexpected” externalities.

Analysts predict that the increasing supply would be quickly bought, as evidence is building that a shortage of green bonds is leading to a “greenium”, where investors pay more for green debt by lowering the borrowing costs for issuers. The existence of a “greenium” is difficult to measure as bonds are rarely issued on exactly the same terms. The Climate Bond Initiative analysed 46 green bonds issued in the first half of 2020. They were able to create a yield curve for 21 bonds and 5 demonstrated evidence of a greenium with pricing occurring inside the yield curve.

This live, interactive, online 3 module course will help corporate treasurers, local government, municipalities, central governments raise capital and access the appetite for green bonds. In addition it will help ESG investors identify good quality projects and assets.





 Each session will last 3 hours, including dedicated Q&A time with the trainer and short breaks throughout.  You will receive the recordings from each session so you can re-watch them at any time. Once you've booked your place, you will be emailed all the login information required. 


Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Overview of Sustainable Finance & Green Bonds  Practical Steps for Raising Green Capital - Part 1 Practical Steps for Raising Green Capital - Part 2


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Meet the trainer...

Rob Fowler is an expert advisor in green investments and sustainable finance. He has over 17 years of experience in this emerging sector and is seen as a global authority on key topics including green bonds, carbon markets, climate finance and sustainable development.  

Rob’s heritage in top-tier strategy consulting and finance provides his clients with a combination of deep insights into these new complex areas and premium-quality professional services.  Rob leverages over two decades of experience with investment analysis, advice and capacity building and he offers a wide range of services to banks, fund managers, bond issuers, investors and standards organisations. 

Rob recently lead the Training & Advisory practice of the Climate Bonds Initiative, where he focused on capacity building in the global debt capital markets.  His role was to build the human capital required to accelerate the growth of the green bond and green loan markets on the global stage.  Rob regularly holds training session for bond issuers, underwriters, arranging banks, verifiers, regulators and policy makers to educate the market and build the local communities of green bond advocates. 



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