This course is intended to provide a quick-but-valuable briefing on wind power, the resource and how it is captured, for business and commercially focused people. You will leave with a clearly explained and up-to-date description of wind power technology and its deployment trends, both on- and offshore. You will understand the complexity and variability of the wind resource, and why understanding this is crucial to project and financial planning.

Please note that this course provides an excellent, wind-specific addition to two other online training courses: ‘Renewable Power Project Development’ and ‘Renewable Power Finance for non-Financial Professionals.



  • Get up to speed on wind power technology and deployment trends
  • Gain clear explanations of the key components of wind projects, both on- and offshore,  and the aspects which matter most to business performance
  • Discuss how the wind energy resource varies and how this influences project risk
  • Understand how and why trends such as floating wind, hybrid power plants and hydrogen are being developed and integrated with wind power
  • Leave with a solid base of knowledge from which to better discuss, query and assess wind power business proposals with colleagues, clients, or partners





All sessions will begin at 14:00 CET. Each session will last 3 hours, including dedicated Q&A time with the trainer and short breaks throughout. All sessions will begin at 14:00 CET. You will receive the recordings from each session so you can re-watch them at any time. Once you've booked your place, you will be emailed all the login information required. 


Session 1 Session 2
What makes a wind farm? Understanding the wind resource


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See the course agenda below:






Session 1: What makes a wind farm?
14:00 - 17:00

What makes a wind farm?

A clear explainer, for business people, of the infrastructure that constitutes a wind power plant, taking into account current trends and innovations.

What are the key components, with particular focus on issues such as plant performance and energy loss? What are the key differences between on- and offshore wind farms, with respect to capital costs and lifetime cost structures?


Wind power technology & trends

  • What’s in a wind turbine: a review of the key components (including blades, drivetrains and generators; plus cost & innovation trends)
  • Understanding ‘power curves’ and their impact on turbine selection and capacity factor
  • Other wind farm infrastructure and considerations (including the grid connection)
  • Wind farm layout and energy losses, such as ‘wake effects’
  • Availability losses vs. turbine performance losses


Offshore wind farms

  • Offshore wind development and construction processes, and key risks
  • Offshore foundations, grid connections and cabling.
  • The crucial importance of the onshore element of an offshore wind farm
  • Cost structures and sources of cost reduction and value-add in offshore wind?
  • Analysing the status of floating turbines in the offshore wind business

Meet the trainer...

Dr John Massey is Managing Director of Grey Cells Energy Ltd., where he conducts independent market assessment and opportunity/risk analysis for clean energy technologies. He delivers market briefings, oneto- one coaching and training courses worldwide, both online and in-person, along with strategy and business plan consulting to help companies (particularly SMEs) position themselves to best grasp new low-carbon market opportunities.


In addition to delivering training globally under his “Grey Cells Energy” brand, John is a co-founder of Astute New Energy, helping firms to navigate the changing power sector through business, strategy and stakeholder communication advisory work.

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