15 - 16 NOVEMBER

Business Opportunity, Competition & Risk in this Key Growth Sector

Do you understand the drivers, applications and competitive alternatives to electricity storage?

This time-efficient training course provides a comprehensive introduction to the market and competitive dynamics of grid-connected electricity storage, by a variety of means and at a range of scales. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of why and where storage markets are growing, what might limit them, where future growth will come from – and why storage is in direct competition to other market solutions. Downlooad the latest brochure by completing this short form:





• Speak the language of electricity storage: terminology and concepts explained
• Understand the key variables determining the economics of electricity storage projects
• Review current and emerging market opportunities for electricity storage
• Learn and discuss how financial returns and risks will arise in the electricity storage market
• Be better able to converse with storage project partners, suppliers or investors
• Know what to look for when evaluating electricity storage market opportunities
• Be better able to identify key investment and project performance risks
• Learn how to analyse and critique electricity storage business models



This course is ideal if:

• You are working within the power sector in a commercial or business development role. You need a clearly-explained, multi-faceted understanding of how, where and why electricity storage will disrupt existing markets, so that you can understand the new market opportunities and competitive risks facing your business.

• You are from the investment community. Electricity storage presents a fast-growing market opportunity for you, but you want to gain an independent perspective on the economic environment in which storage projects operate, and the operational and revenue risks that are important to them.



The course is designed to provide a clear, independent, business-focused introduction to the subject in language suited to non-engineering commercial executives and investors. No prior knowledge is assumed or required. Learn where electricity storage opportunities will arise, how potential markets might be created or constrained, and what the risks and competitive alternatives to storage might be.


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John is a respected energy business analyst & trainer with over 25 years’ commercial experience in industry research, analysis, intelligence and education, plus an outstanding academic background in both natural sciences and economics.

Grey Cells Energy Ltd.


John's experience has spanned both the energy and telecoms/IT industries, leading to his current focus on how the increasing convergence of the two will bring major change to the way electricity is generated, distributed and consumed. He has helped senior business-people in over 25 countries across 5 continents, representing a wide variety of organisations from start-ups to the world’s biggest corporations, by focusing on the interconnection of key business variables within markets: disruptive technology change, policy and competitive context, market structures, investment drivers and returns.