Are your teams fully equipped with the latest deal models for renewable financing? Is your renewable energy knowledge 'standard' across your global units? How are you ensuring a consistent level of training, skills and, consequently, output from your renewable experts? 

Green Power have an extensive range of training and education modules to suit your teams, your projects, your business. Choose from the existing calendar, or contact us for a tailor-made, highly competitive, in house training programme - select the topics that are most relevant for your teams, maximise ROI on the time spent studying and pass-along high value learnings to the rest of your organisation. 


As the renewable energy industry has developed, we’ve increasingly found ourselves asked to address specific training goals and knowledge gaps within particular companies. We’ve also found these same companies often have multiple staff members who need to arrive at a uniform level of knowledge. For this very reason, we created our in-house training division, whereby we can deliver customised, tailor made courses across the renewable energy sector, whether it be in solar, wind, storage, tendering or finance.

Would you prefer us to take a public agenda but focus it on your exact needs?
 Would you prefer us to target the course more at technical details of use to your engineers?
• Would you prefer us to deliver a course onsite, saving you out-of-office inconvenience and travel costs? 

If so, download our latest in-house training brochure, or get in touch for a quote by clicking below: